It's been a wild ride


So it's been a year since the last time i wrote anything... yeah.  Well obviously a lot has happened since then.  I feel like i've learned a lot but i'm not any smarter haha.

To begin things i suppose i should mention that i've been called to serve as a missionary for the next two years.  I will be reporting to the MTC on May 31st.  My flight will leave from DCA to Provo on the 25th.  This has been a very long road in the making and perhaps later i will go into more detail.  It is late at night and there is no way i will be able to write everything i want down.

I guess for now this is how i will finish my post so i can read my scriptures and go to bed.  Expect a part 2 to be released which should hopefully be very length and detail oriented.

Good Night.


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