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It's been a wild ride pt. 2

So to continue off the little bit that i posted.  I received my mission call on March 25th 2017 and i will be reporting to the Provo MTC on May 25th 2017.  I will be serving in Boston.  To be honest i am kinda afraid of posting too much information in case someone will link my posts to me.

In December my active duty service ended, marking 5 years of Naval service.  Two weeks into December after i purchased a car i started going to my local YSA. The next month on January 9th i spoke with my branch president about serving a mission.  I still remember the tears i shed as i was overwhelmed by the Spirit.  Reaching that decision was not an easy road.  Perhaps the path was worth it, as it lead me to become who i am now.  People only see us as we are, and not who we were.

I really want to post more, but it looks like for now, these shorts posts will be all i can churn out.

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