The Slug

Hey hey hey

Over the course of the past few weeks I've noticed i have been putting on a few extra pounds.  Sounds odd coming from me because I am a stick,  but I realized my waistlines are starting to get tight on me.

To help remedy this I ended up going for a run last night and I was moving like a slug.  It was seriously terrible.  It lasted only 30 minutes and I was drenched (partially from the humidity here on Okinawa).  Surprisingly I wasn't sore at all this morning when I woke up,  but I am going for another run tonight after I hydrate.

I thought about starting a diet log just to see how crappy I am eating but that might actually demotivated me lol.

Yesterday I consumed:

First meal - 2 chicken sandwiches, onion rings and a Pepsi.

Second meal - carrots, potatoes, steak, and a Pepsi.

Post run - banana, orange, water and tea.

Today so far:

Morning snack - tea and nature bar and an Aquarius 

Lunch - taco rice, spaghetti, 4 slices of pizza, Coke and orange juice

Yeah I'm definitely eating super crappy..

Tomorrow we'll see how that goes because I'm planning on going up north to see the cherry blossoms, so I'm not sure how healthy I'll be able to eat.

Oh, and Happy alentine's ay.


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