Yo Dawg,

I seriously intended on working out yesterday but when it was time for me to do so my buddy called me up to go out to dinner so i ended up gorging myself with Indian curry.

It seems like when i try to be healthier i end up making worse choices lol.  I WILL workout tonight even if it's just abs, but i would prefer to go on a run.

I've come to realize that as i've been doing my separation paperwork to get out of the Navy how motivated and excited to get out and move on i am.  It also sucks that because i haven't finished my warfare qualification yet i am unable to utilize the Navy's tuition assistance to finish my associate's.  If i was as motivated as i am now when i first got here i would have already finished my pin and have already finished my gen eds and would be able to just relax.  At best i'll be able to get my Pin by June and try to mash in a few final classes before i separate in Nov.  Oh well.

Best Wishes.



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